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Last March our company was classified as a

Great Place to Work®

This achievement is not only a testimony of our commitment to excellence at work, but also a reflection of the work culture we have cultivated.

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Last March our company was classified as a Great Place to Work®. This achievement is not only a testimony of our commitment to excellence at work, but also a reflection of the work culture we have cultivated. We were confident about the results, because we know what our culture is like; this is because as a company, we make sure that, through different tools, collaborators can express their ideas and that those ideas are taken into account. Great Place to Work® is the exact point where we materialize something that we were all screaming for.

But what makes us a great place to work?

We believe there are four strengths that shape our work culture.
One of the cornerstones of our culture is our flexible working policy. We recognize that each individual has different needs and responsibilities outside work, which is why we have adopted an approach that allows our employees to balance their personal and professional lives. Whether working from home, choosing their own schedules or adapting to specific circumstances, our team has the freedom and trust to work in a way that works best for them. Bottom line: we work by prioritizing objectives over schedules.

As for another one of our strengths, we have a new points incentive system called “We are Champions”. The objective of this program is to recognize, value, motivate and reward our collaborators at different stages or phases. In this way, the awards that lead our system are aimed at: Self-management, initiative, planning, problem solving, teamwork, quality of work, evolution, achievement of goals and good attitude towards their given tasks.

In addition, there are other events that arise spontaneously so that they can participate and add scoringe points, such as games, videos, photos, stories, dynamic challenges and more playful activitie with a more relaxed format.

These points accumulate and then employees can exchange them for different benefits such as days off or, money, among others.

Another important point for us is to continually promote different events that include moments where work is not involved. We prioritize 4 days to celebrate at company level: Women’s Day, Worker’s Day, Programmer’s Day and the end of the year party. The objective is that we can all share a moment of leisure together, and that’s how we also celebrate and commemorate different events.

Additionally, if there is something extra to celebrate (such as this achievement of being certified as a Great Place to Work®), we make sure to save a few hours for those gatherings. Also, we encourage work days in the office and we make, a special day out of it through spontaneous games and great food.

Finally,in line to our strengths, we continually promote training, which is why all our collaborators can take courses for free at CoderHouse, and outside of this academy if necessary as well. Of course, all these achievements are recognized upon completion.

We firmly believe that a culture of support and recognition is essential to the success of any company. At Bizit Global, we strive to foster an environment where every employee feels valued, motivated, and empowered to reach their full potential.

97 % of Bizit Global employees consider it an excellent place to work, compared to 85 % of employees in other companies.

97 %

Bizit Global

85 %

Market companies

Source: Great Place to Work® Argentina 2024

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of employees believe that their bosses conduct business honestly and ethically.
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have the flexibility to take personal time when needed.
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receive fair treatment regardless of their position within the company.
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How do we differentiate ourselves?

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