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Education project 02
Siglo 21

Siglo XXI – Continuous development of management system

IT Outsourcing

The Project

The Siglo 21 project supports Siglo 21 University in developing solutions for the Academic, Exams, and Support areas of its application. Currently, BIZIT has cells working on Evolutionary and Support to assist in maintaining the legacy of the application. Since 2015, we have formed a great team together with the functional analysts of Siglo 21 to drive the growth of each functionality.
Education project 01

Whitney  – Gradebook Online

The Project

Our focus in development was on modernizing the tool to align with contemporary technologies, bringing about significant enhancements in the accessibility and functionality of the online grading system. This strategic adaptation to the latest technological trends resulted in the successful implementation of the solution across various universities within the Ilumno network. Education. We took the commitment to modernize the current platform and help with any production errors we encountered. The team is working on the main areas of improvement: Administration, Exams and Academic areas. We are working in a close partnership with the client as one team.
Education project 03

Teclab – Management of the educational platform

The Project

We brought systems into production. This efficiently allowed for the replication of the educational management platform, optimizing the administration and operation of the institute.

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